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In order for your dog to reach their fullest potential, he or she needs a variety of enriching activities and proper training. At Love Dogs Camp, we offer a range of training services, packages, mentally and physically stimulating games that are customized to best fit the needs of both you and your dog. We have trainers that can help at our facility or come to your home with you and your family!


Love Dogs Training

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Grow Partnerships.

Enrich Lives.

Love Dogs.

The  four pillars of our training program 

1. Training programs are carefully crafted and customized to suit each dog's unique personality.

2. No shock collars, intimidation, physical punishment, or fear used or tolerated


3. Our training programs are about positive engagement, fun, and intellectually challenging games


4. We are committed to understanding the canine's experience 


We train through respect, positive engagement, fun, and intellectually challenging games

We are committed to positive training to teach your dog how to be confident and successful in his or her training.

At home or at camp, each training session is designed to address the needs of each individual dog and its family.

We take the time to understand each dog's unique personality and customize our approach to help your dog be the best he/she can be!

Enriching Activities

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