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Holistic, Home-Style, Dog Care with LOVE

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From the minute your dog arrives at Love Dogs Camp, whether he is a puppy, adolescent, or a senior, our professionally trained, loving staff:

  1. Provides your dog the opportunity to run, chase, and get out that unbridled energy every dog needs to run off-leash, in safe spaces with other friendly, closely supervised dogs.

  2. Invests time building a relationship of mutual understanding, trust & respect. We are able to make this happen because we only accept controlled groups of dogs with a small dog-to-staff ratio.

  3. Lovingly guides and teaches your dog appropriate boundary lines with humans and other dogs.

  4. Listens closely to what your dog is telling us so we can be sensitive and responsive to their needs at any given moment.

  5. Engages your dog in confidence-building activities so your dog learns to freely express their gifts and unique personality.

  6. Encourages and teaches your dog how to develop close friendships with other dogs.

  7. Provides a nutritionally healthy, delicious, and satisfying homemade lunch followed by lovingly monitored rest and relaxation.

  8. Your dog never spends time in a cage; only in big yards on decks or on sofas.



  1. Every program is customized around each visiting dog, so some seniors may want to spend more time hanging out on sofas or a sunny deck, while younger or more energetic dogs want to engage in more physically and mentally challenging activities.


In order for your dog to reach their fullest potential, they need a variety of enriching activities and proper training. At Love Dogs Camp, we offer a range of training services, packages, and mentally and physically stimulating games that are customized to best fit the needs of both you and your dog. We have trainers that can work with you at our facility or go to your home for personalized lifestyle training courses.

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Here is what happens when your dog arrives for a sleepover:

  1. When you first arrive for drop off, we greet you as if the greatest thing that is happening to us is your dog's arrival - and we actually feel that way!

  2. We want your dog so showered with attention that they won’t have time to miss their family!

  3. We cook him delicious nutritious food to mix with every meal. Restricted diets are always accommodated.

  4. They sleep inside a cozy home very close to a loving human who he knows will take very good care of them.

  5. When he is not sleeping or eating he is free to hang out on a sofa, play games in the yard, or learn new things.

  6. Most importantly he or she will feel loved, understood, and very happy!

NOTE: Sleepovers can be onsite or at your home. 

Saturday Puppy Classes

Beginner & Intermediate group training classes starting at $20/hour 


Take it to the next level with our Saturday group training session.


All you need to bring is, yourself, a leash, and your dog!


These sessions start with basic obedience and 5-10 minutes of 1 on 1 time with our trainers. This is a great option to safely expose your dog to learning manners with you in new places with distractions.  


 Would your dog enjoy extra... 

Ad ons:

  • Brain Games

  • 1 on 1 Individual Time

  • Walk or Hike - 20 minutes

  • Bath before pick

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