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Welcome to love Dog's Camp!


  • Daycare

  • Boarding

  • Private training

  • Board and train

  • Socialization training

  •          Spa

Come take a look at Arroyo Grande's most beautiful cage free doggy camp, A country home style daycare and boarding center on five acres of property, with three large play yards for small pre-screened compatible groups and a well trained loving staff. Here at Love Dog's Camp, we pride ourselves in our very special socialization training program, each dog is a unique individual with individual needs. We will help train your dog to behave properly in a social setting. With an experienced dog trainer advocating for each dog's individual needs. It's not your typical training session, and it's anything but boring, the dogs learn through play and through structured enrichment activities carefully planned so that there's a safe environment set up for success ensuring each dog learns at their pace, comfortably and happily.

1322 Ewing Road

Arroyo Grande, California








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